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Digital skills

The more educated the world, the better.

Therefore, we want to positively influence the development of new generations in the technological world, contribute to the creation of the educational system as a space that will not only provide knowledge to children, but also raise them, teach them interpersonal skills and prepare them for life.

Our goal is to contribute to the upbringing of a generation of decent citizens, self-confident and responsible people in the current digital age.

Together with you, we are transforming our schools into a better place for our children.

We want to promote modern schools, encourage good teachers, and help to develop children’s talents. We believe that even small steps in teaching can result in greater changes.

In collaboration with experts in education, we create programmes aimed at making schools more friendly with significant orientation and emphasis on the individuality of children, development of their personality, strengthening of their self-esteem and their sensitivity to others and the environment. We support activities to develop competencies and skills of teachers and school managers and promote active teachers.

We implement a grant programme e-Schools for the Future focused on the safe and responsible use of digital technology.

Each year we enter into strategic partnerships with organisations, which in the field of education introduce innovative and creative ways of learning at the school as well as in the extracurricular environment.

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