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The Online without traps grant program

It is known that children are familiar with technology from birth, they grow up with it, young people live intensive time online and the line between their identity in the real world of personal relationships and that in the online world of social networks is blurring. Psychologists confirm that the Internet makes it possible to experience emotions much more intensely than in reality. Children and young people are often not prepared for the pitfalls and risks they face in the online space. These can have a heavy impact on their inner experience and bring mental injuries. What children and young people need is to talk and listen openly about the pitfalls of the internet world, to strengthen their resistance to risks and their readiness to enter and spend time in this space. That’s why we opened the 1st year of the Online without traps grant program, for which we allocated a total amount 40,000 EUR.

The goal of the Online without traps 2022/2023 grant program is to educate about the safe and responsible use of digital technologies and protect against their negative effects on children and young people. The program offers primary and secondary schools and non-governmental non-profit organizations the opportunity to apply for financial support of inspiring projects thematically focused on the following areas:
  • development of digital security and responsible behavior in the online space,
  • prevention of various risks of the digital world and the related development of critical thinking.
We allocated a total of 40 000 EUR for the new grant program. For one project implemented at one school, it was possible to receive a grant of max amount of 1 500 EUR and for one project implemented at more than one school, in more than one center, library grant in max. amount of  2 500 EUR.
By the deadline, November 8, 2022, we accepted 124 projects from all over Slovakia. The expert evaluation committee selected the 30 most interesting projects, which we supported with a total amount of 40 000 EUR.
At the Orange Foundation, we have long been dedicated to supporting the responsible use of digital technologies in schools and the development of digital skills of pupils, students and teachers. Since 2014, within the eighth year of the e-School for the Future grant program, we have supported 396 projects in the total amount of 468 713EUR.
These projects also testify to the fact that digital technologies offer wide opportunities for education, for personal and professional growth, learning about new things, communication, as well as play and entertainment.
You can find more information about supported projects HERE
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