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Our people

The Orange Foundation is managed by the Board of Trustees. The foundation is represented by its Trustee who is the statutory body. Our activities are supervised by the Supervisory Board.

The Board of Trusteesof the Orange Foundation has been operating in its new composition since July 16, 2020. In the past, several employees of Orange Slovensko, a. s., important personalities from the academic community and public social life, took part in the activities of the Nadácia Orange. More information about former members of the Board of Trustees can be found here.

Trustee of the Foundation

Andrea Ungvӧlgyi - Manager of Nadácia Orange & Head of CSR & Sponsorship, Orange Slovensko

The Board of Trustees

Martin Hromkovič - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, B2C Marketing & Brand Director, Orange Slovensko

Mária Bieliková - Slovak computer scientist, Director of the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies

Ivana Braunsteinerová - Human Resources Dpt. Director, Orange Slovensko

Mary Lisa Durban - Orange Group Corporate Philanthropy Coordinator, Orange Foundation

Mariusz Gatza, Chief Executive Officer, Orange Slovakia

Vladislav Kupka - Customer Service Dpt. Director, Orange Slovensko

Pavol Lančarič - Chairman of Supervisory Board, Orange Slovensko

Radomír Masaryk - Vice-Rector for External Relations of Comenius University in Bratislava

Marc Ricau - Member of the Board, Orange Slovensko

The Supervisory Board

Zuzana Mračnová - Head of Legal, Orange Slovensko

Iveta Jurigová - Senior Accountant, Orange Slovensko

Marek Koleják - Tax Expert, Orange Slovensko

Management and Administration

Dominika Šugareková - Philanthropy and CSR Coordinator, Orange Slovensko

Barbora Paulenová - Programme Manager, Center for Philanthropy

Silvia Zámečníková - Programme Coordinator, Center for Philanthropy

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