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Our Story

Our mission is to change the world to a better place for all.

On behalf of Orange Slovakia, we develop philanthropy and charity.

Our history has begun on March 22, 1999 – first as the Konto Globtel, later as the Konto Orange and from December 27, 2007 as the Orange Foundation. Since our origin, we have been tirelessly helping in a wide range of activities in order to improve the lives of individuals and communities. We belong to a network of foundations in the countries where the Orange brand operates. We belong to the international organisation – Orange Foundation, which was founded in 1987 in Paris, and since then, redistributed tens of millions of euros to a large spectrum of projects. In cooperation with the Orange Foundation, we disseminate the ideas of charity and solidarity around the world.

We support non-governmental organizations and active individuals. This allows us to contribute to small changes and at the same time to pursue our mission in a long term and in depth. In addition to the grant support, we also develop long-term partnerships with non-governmental organizations and with their help fulfil our mission and help where it is needed.

In all our activities, we follow ethical principles and the principles set out in the Code of Ethics of the Orange Group.

Throughout the period of our activity, we have already redistributed more than 10 million euros. During our operation, we have received a whopping 27,716 applications for support of good ideas through our grant programmes. Through these programmes, we have supported and implemented more than 8,500 projects across Slovakia. We believe that it has helped Slovakia to become a better and more beautiful place.

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