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E-Schools for the Future

The ambition of the grant programme “The e-School for the Future” is to help educate and guide children and young people in schools to responsible use of mobile devices and the Internet, which are available to them virtually every day, to identify possible risks of their use and to know how to adequately react in the case of a negative experience.

We have supported the useful ideas that resulted from the projects submitted by primary and secondary schools and non-governmental organizations to promote responsible and safe use of communications technologies by children. The most common themes of the projects included responsible behaviour on the Internet, prevention of cyberbullying or secure communications on social networks.

We also strive to involve special schools in the programme. This is the target group that can more easily become the target of negative impacts of digital technology. In this year, the Commission has supported one school and one non-governmental organisation, who submitted projects for pupils with mental or physical disabilities.

Information about safer Internet can also be found on the dedicated website, which contains the advice and information for all those who want to find out more about the risks of the use of modern technologies, and about troubleshooting any problems.

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