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Active community

We believe that Slovakia can be a better place to live. Therefore, we assist the committed people and mobilize the society to carry out positive changes.

We support useful ideas that contribute to the positive course of events in the community, reinforce good neighbour relations and improve public spaces.

We motivate people to engage in public matters, and to take responsibility for the state of the society, the environment and the communities in which they live.

We intend to encourage creative people and the implementation of their useful ideas that can in a long or short run help other people, communities or the society as a whole. We strive to disseminate the ideas of volunteering, charity and environmental protection throughout the country. Together with you.

We have supported active communities through the Active Community grant program with the Orange Foundation, which supports cultural and creative centers in the regions of Slovakia.

Within the first year of the program we supported 5 organizations.

The second year of the program is intended for 8 selected centers that completed the first year of the development leadership program with Bystriny and centers that have long-term cooperation with the Orange Foundation:

  • Different – občianske združenie BAŠTA – cultural community center in Bardejov
  • Iniciatíva ARTA, o.z. – cultural community center in Piešťany
  • Diera do sveta – cultural community center in Mikuláš
  • Občianske združenie Presahy – Lyceum, Modra
  • Nadácia Cvernovka – Nová Cvernovka, creative and cultural center in Bratislava
  • Tabačka Kulturfabrik n.o. – Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Košice
  • Truc Sphérique – Railway Station and New Synagogy in new reality, Žilina
  • Záhrada – Garden++, Banská Bystrica

Orange Foundation allocated in second year of the program 93 000 EUR to support their projects. All results can be found here.

Positive events in the communities are also supported by the Orange staff through the Employee grant programme.



Results of second year of the program (33.50 KB)


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