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The Voices

A non-profit organisation The Voices has been supporting activity, creativity and open mindset in Slovakia since 2008.

Through its projects, the organisation helps non-profit organisations to meet their missions and to communicate their activities to the general public, prospective donors and target groups in a more efficient way.

In short video films, the organisation offers the opportunity to learn useful facts about non-profit initiatives and to meet the creative and dedicated people, who strive to develop the civil society in Slovakia. The topics of the Idea counts videos focus on sheltered housing, foster family clubs, children’s help lines, maternity centres, mental health issues, volunteering, children’s hospices, debate clubs and many others.

The Voices organised its first informal conference Trampoline Jump in October 2012. It was a great success, and immediately after it finished, the participants requested that the event is organised again in the future. The Voices therefore decided to make the event into an annual tradition, which was later also hosted by other cities outside of Bratislava. The conference created a space for the presentation of eye-opening stories and open discussion and offered the participants practical workshops conducted by experienced lecturers. The conference was designed not only for managers, coordinators and volunteers of civil associations and non-governmental organisations, but also for university students, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In September 2016, the Voices opened a community space in the centre of Trenčín, as a safe and friendly place for cooperation and small-scale events. Students, freelancers and project coordinators are able to use this space to improve their communication, presentation and business skills in various workshops and trainings. Visitors of creative evenings can enjoy this space to meet creative people and engage in interesting cooperating partnerships. Civil initiatives, nonprofit organisations and students can come in and get a free consultation regarding the start and development of generally beneficial activities.

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