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Employee Grant Program

At Orange, we have a remarkable ability to mobilize, show solidarity and help others. In the complex times we live in, we have already done this many times. We are not indifferent to where and in what environment we live.

Therefore in March 2023 we opened the Employee Grant Program (ZGP), in which we support useful ideas of our colleagues from Orange Slovakia, Orange CorpSec and from the sales network.

The 20th year of the Orange Foundation Employee Grant Program is exceptional from several points of view. By the deadline, 87 projects from the employees had been submitted, and among them, the evaluation committee recommended supporting up to 56 projects with the historically highest amount of €50,000 from the financial donation from Orange Slovensko.

The supported projects will involve up to 21,522 people from communities, children and young people in community service activities. 2067 volunteers, including 71 employees, plan to help with the preparation and organization of activities.

Every year, most employee initiatives are implemented in the Bratislava and Banská Bystrica regions. This time there are 22 projects prepared in the Bratislava region, 14 in the Banská Bystrica region. Other regions are also represented – 6 projects in Trenčín, 5 in Trnava, 4 in Žilina, 3 in Nitra and 1 in the Prešov region.

For the first time, the evaluation committee consisted of up to  8 evaluators – to the representatives of Orange Slovakia and the Centre for Philanthropy, we invited reinforcements of experts from the Nitra, Trenčín and Žilina Volunteer Centres.

In 20 years, the Orange Foundation’s Employee Grant Program has supported 669 projects with a total amount of EUR 505,941.43.

We thank everyone who participated this year and we keep our fingers crossed for the implementation of supported projects.


Evaluation committee (18.61 KB)


Supported projects (33.26 KB)

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