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Employee Grant Program

At Orange, we have a remarkable ability to mobilize, show solidarity and help others. In the complex times we live in, we have already done this many times. We are not indifferent to where and in what environment we live.

This month we have another opportunity to do so – through the Orange Foundation we are once again opening a unique chance to participate in the Employee Grant Program (ZGP), in which we will support useful ideas of our colleagues from Orange Slovakia, Orange CorpSec and from the sales network with a total amount of up to 50,000 EUR.

Employees could submit projects to support education in digital skills and online safety for children, teachers and other target groups, to develop the community, to protect and create the environment, to promote and develop cultural activities and to support leisure activities for children and young people.

A total amount of 50 000 EUR is allocated for the program. The maximum amount of support per project is 1 000 EUR.

The Employees Grant Programme was open from March 7th to March 28th, 2023. 87 projects were accepted by the deadline. After evaluation by the committee, the results will be published at


Thank you for caring about the world around us. Good luck and we are looking forward to your ideas.

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