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The Živica

In 2014, the CEEE Živica received the Orange Foundation Award for its effort to tackle systemic changes in the school environment and to promote a complex of innovative educational projects focused on different target groups.

The Comenius Institute project creates an inspiring and supportive space for educational leaders. It brings together teachers of primary and secondary schools from all over Slovakia. The teachers involved in the project complete one year of additional training, implement a micro-project, through which they seek to achieve tangible changes in their school community. The year-long training consists of a summer school, residential workshops and webinars. The workshops and the summer school thematically cover areas, which have long been absent from the Slovak educational system.

The concept of the Comenius Institute programme stems from the successful model of training for social leaders known as the Socrates Institute. The pilot year of the Comenius Institute has resulted in positive feedback and long term interest of other teachers wishing to get involved in the programme. The Comenius Institute is not just a one-year project. Its goal is a long-term education and support to the members of the Comenius community.

After the end of the first year of study, we will launch a program for graduates of the Institute that will serve for mutual networking, exchange of experience and know-how between them. At the same time, the graduated teachers will help to mentor new students.

Only excellent teachers create excellent schools. Excellent teachers with a vision to prepare children for real life and coping with various challenges in the 21st century are exactly what our education system needs.

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