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The Tabačka Kulturfabrik

The renovated historic landmark and monument – the former tobacco factory built in 1851 was transformed into a modern cultural and community centre.

The Kulturfabrik Tobacco Factory project – an open area for culture, community and education, continues the long-term activities of the “Bona Fide” civil association in the field of contemporary art and culture with a centre of action in the Košice self-governing region.

After completion of the renovation, the civil association was given a long-term lease of the restored building, which however needed to be equipped with high-quality technology. The idea was transformed into reality primarily thanks to the cooperation with the Orange Foundation and a crowd-funding campaign.

Our cooperation aims at the promotion and growth of the entire Košice region in the building and development of a diverse range of communities and informal education. The project also aims at the support and development of cooperation with other non-governmental organisations in the region and at the provision of premises and preferential terms in the implementation of their own, or partner projects and activities at the Centre.

The main objective of the new model of operation of the Centre is to promote cooperation between the local actors in the area of culture and creative industries and to improve the quality of education in this area. The intention is to have a positive impact on the development of the city and the region, through the active involvement of citizens. The sustainability of the model lies in the creative production of the Centre and in establishing new partnerships with the business sector in order to ensure multi-source financing. The Kulturfabrik Tobacco Factory represents a unique approach in the development and sustainability of the independent culture in Slovakia.

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